Past Research Projects

For over thirty years, CPI has provided basic and applied science support to various U. S. Government organizations and prime contractors. In addition, CPI has funded independent research and prototype development in technology gap areas.

Atmospheric Correction Tool (ACT)

The Atmospheric Correction Tool (ACT) is a prototype software tool created by CPI for the removal of atmospheric effects in remotely-sensed imagery. Satellite imagery of the Earth’s surface inherently contains contamination due to absorption and scattering of light by atmospheric gases and aerosols. Correcting for the atmosphere allows for cleaner imagery, more accurate spectral signatures, and more accurate feature discrimination and identification. (Read More)

Space Weather

Space weather generally refers to the changing environment between the Sun and Earth that arises due to changes in the sun's activity. A dramatic example is the generation of intense solar flares which greatly enhance the amount of X-ray radiation impinging on the Earth’s upper atmosphere. (Read More)