Dr. Steven L. Berg

President and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Berg is responsible for corporate operations and strategic direction for CPI. Dr. Berg leads decision making for all aspects of the company's business, including daily operations, business development, marketing strategies and the evolution of the company's technical strategic vision.

Dr. Berg is the primary point of contact for clients interested in CPI's services as well as for potential commercial partners.

Dr. Jerry D. Lumpe

Vice President Boulder Office

Dr. Jerry D. Lumpe leads CPI's remote sensing business area and serves as Vice President of the company's >Boulder office. Dr. Lumpe specializes in satellite remote sensing of the atmosphere, from the upper troposphere through the thermosphere.  He has participated in several remote sensing programs and lead the development of CPI's Generalized Retrieval and ANalysis Tool (GRANT) which has been used as the core operational retrieval algorithm for a number of satellite and ground-based remote sensing missions .  Dr. Lumpe's scientific activities result in regular publication of research results in the peer-reviewed literature.

Dr. John Noto

Vice President New England Office

Dr. John Noto serves as Vice President of CPI's New England Office.   Dr. Noto founded Scientific Solutions, Inc. in 1995 and continues to provide leadership for spectral sensing and imaging technology development.  He received a B.S. in Physics and Astronomy from the University of Rochester, an M.S. in Physics from Tufts University, and a Ph.D. in Astronomy/Space Physics from Boston University. He has more than 25 years of experience in optical research and development, focused on narrow-band spectroscopy and interferometry.

Dr. Robert B. Kerr

Chief Scientist

Dr. Kerr provides technical and strategic direction for the company's initiatives. He is responsible for driving meaningful scientific growth in new research disciplines and markets. As a thought leader in atmospheric sciences, Dr. Kerr spurs corporate scientific innovation and vision. Before joining CPI, Dr. Kerr served as Director of the Arecibo Observatory, a post that he has held twice. Dr. Kerr also served as the Aeronomy Program Director at the National Science Foundation, and as a member of the astronomy faculty at Boston University. In addition, Dr. Kerr was co-founder of Scientific Solutions, Inc., a manufacturer of advanced electro-optical instruments for atmospheric and space applications.

Dr. Douglas J. Strickland

Founder and Chairman

Dr. Strickland is the founder of CPI and specializes in the physics of the upper atmosphere and ionosphere. Much of his attention in recent years has been directed to satellite far ultraviolet remote sensing pertaining to dayglow and aurora. Related subjects of interest are calibration of space-based sensors for space weather applications and the validation of their remote sensing algorithms. Dr. Strickland has retired from research but continues to serve as chairman.